Privacy Policy

Confidentiality in the network - in the list of our priorities in importance. Using our resource, customers leave certain information about themselves. We guarantee the protection of this data. Below you will find out what we are doing for this.

What data do we use?

Each of our clients fills out one of two forms: a feedback or a potential partner. Our company undertakes:

Do not use your information outside the scope of our activities;
Do not transfer your data to third parties.
We initially warn visitors that their information is open and can be read / used by users of our sphere. In particular, you can receive unwanted mail on your address. We do not bear responsibility for this, which we stipulate in advance.

How we protect your data

We apply a number of security measures for the safety of your information, which only authorized employees of our state are entitled to use.

Can third parties access your data?

If you do not give your consent, then regardless of the reason your data can not be sold / exchanged / given to a third party. The Privacy Policy imposes obligations on our trusted persons (the third party participating in our business) and those with whom we are bound by an internal contract.

State bodies or specialized organizations we can provide your information only if it is necessary to investigate cases of fraud, unauthorized operations, other illegal actions, to protect security and property rights. In these situations, the law of the country allows and obliges us to transfer the data of our customers.

A few more nuances of our information protection policy

Dear customers, we remind you that you voluntarily disclose personal information, and therefore risk receiving unwanted newsletters. Securing the transfer of information through the network by 100% is not yet possible. Our company, unfortunately, does not guarantee the full safety of your data, which you voluntarily disclose to us. But all the information received is subject to measures to maximize its protection in our system. Be attentive, responsible, assess risk in advance.

All the terms of our privacy policy apply only to those customer data that we received through the site. For information received outside the network, this does not apply.

For ourselves, we retain the right to make changes to our security policy at any time convenient for us. The dates of the last edits will be indicated.